World Feels More Than A Little Creeped Out In Response -- UPDATED

Actual headline written by someone at Agence France-Presse: “Bill Clinton basks in role of world savior.”

(H/T: Jim Geraghty)

Update: CNN also speaks sycophancy to power:


“Often times, a kiss is just a kiss, but when you’re a former president planting one on your wife, the secretary of state, it can garner a lot of attention,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer gushed as he introduced a story by colleague Jill Dougherty in which the latter enthused that after a “brief public display of affection” before an audience at the Clinton Global Initiative, the Democratic power couple were “off, separately, to change the world.”

Wait — I thought Obama was changing the world. If Bill and Hillary are also changing the world, will they change it in ways that aren’t approved by The Won? Will Billary’s changes undermine the One’s changes? Change divided against itself cannot stand!

Or so we can hope.

(Bumped to top.)


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