Ed Driscoll

"A Post-American Speech By Our First Post-American President"

And speaking of presentations made on the world stage, the Telegraph reviews President Obama’s speech to the UN and finds its wanting — “Barack at the UN: Was this Obama’s most naïve speech ever“:

It’s always a bad sign when a US president gets several rounds of heavy applause at the UN General Assembly, as Barack Obama did this morning in New York. Needless to say, the loudest cheers from the gathering of world leaders came when he condemned the actions of a close US ally, Israel, in continuing to build settlements in the West Bank. You can always rely on attacks on the Israelis to generate the biggest roars of approval at any meeting of the United Nations, and Obama dutifully obliged.

John Bolton dubs President Obama’s speech “a post-American speech by our first post-American president. It was a speech high on the personality of Barack Obama and high on multilateralism, but very short in advocating American interests.”

(H/T: OJ)