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Tammy Bruce breaks out the flying pig award for punk rocker Henry Rollins, and Vanity Fair magazine, both astoundingly enough:

In Vanity Fair of all places we finally have someone asking the right question. This astounding event inaugurates the first Tammy Blog “Flying Pig Award” recognizing and lauding the right thing from quarters least expected. Below is a snippet. Please do read the whole thing, and the comments attached to the article are also worth a read. Some of the more thoughtful remarks about a young woman the left would prefer be forgotten. (HT Kruiser)

Where’s Mary Jo Kopechne’s Eulogy?

…I am very well known, a United States senator. My family is incredibly powerful. There are allegations that I had been drinking heavily hours up to the time I got into the vehicle with the passenger. I deny this for the rest of my life. That at no point did I make an attempt to call for rescue would probably be considered by many people to be outrageous and horrible, perhaps a crime that would carry a prison sentence. Can you imagine what the parents of the deceased would be going through when they found out that their 28-year-old daughter died alone in total darkness? I serve no time. Not inconvenienced by the burdensome obstacle of incarceration, I seek to maintain my elected position. I am successful and remain a senator for the next four decades. Would any deed I performed in that time, besides going to prison for the negligent homicide I committed all those years ago, be enough to wipe the slate clean? After my passing, would you fail to mention the incident and the death of this innocent person in reviewing the events of my long and lauded life? You wouldn’t forget about her, would you? That would be negligent.


Who knew that the Obama-supporting Rollins and reflexively-Bush-trashing Vanity Fair had signed onboard “the orchestrated movement [of] ghoulishly insensitive right-wingers…against the late Ted Kennedy?”


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