Ed Driscoll

Dirty Laundry

Danny Glover’s latest post is headlined, “Practice Journalism, Not Blogging”:

That bit of advice for aspiring journalists, followed by an admonition to “remember there is such a thing as journalistic ethics,” comes from former CNN anchor Bobbie Battista. She now anchors fake news reports for the Onion News Network.

Having worked at CNN, she should know a thing or two about journalistic ethics and fake news, where the former is often lacking and the latter is far too common. So she is the perfect person to be telling young whippersnappers not to be bloggers because they are so obviously the real problem with journalism today.

Yes, as I wrote earlier this week, it’s particularly sound advice from someone who will primarily be appearing in parody news clips on YouTube. But then, as I noted (with further examples of CNN’s perfidy), it’s certainly a lateral career move.