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New Silicon Graffiti Video: "Picture Kill"

Recently, Charles Johnson and his readers debated if CNN ran faked footage of an attempted resuscitation of a wounded young boy in a Gaza hospital, in a video supplied by a Palestinian stringer. CNN initially pulled their video, and a day later reinserted it into their lineup, claiming:


Responding to accusations that the resuscitation efforts of Mashharawi’s brother appeared inauthentic, Martin said that, based on his years of reporting from Gaza, doctors often go through such efforts even with little hope that a patient can be saved.

Charles Johnson responded:

If they really had “little hope” the patient could be saved, they’d be going all out with CPR, which means very vigorous chest compression (it’s not unusual to break ribs if it’s done right), and ventilation to oxygenate the blood–not delicately touching the boy’s abdomen with the tips of their fingers as we see in the video clips.

But if the jury is still out on that clip, let’s take a video look at news from this decade that we know conclusively was botched, including:


Keep rockin’–and watch for cameos by Larry Kudlow, Hugh Hewitt, and John Hinderaker!

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Update: Welcome readers (viewers?) from Little Green Footballs, VodkaPundit, the Brothers Judd and Danny Glover!

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