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Allahpundit has a holiday epiphany: “Christmas miracle: Traffic soars on ‘shirtless Obama’ Internet searches“:

Got an e-mail from Ed 20 minutes ago telling me to check SiteMeter. On one of the most gruesomely awful traffic days of the year, with blog readers tuning out in droves to prepare for the holiday, we’re … way above our daily average. Have a look at the referrals to see why. It’s not just us, either. It’s Internet-wide, per the AP and The One’s current standing at Google Trends.

Hours of searching to find interesting Headlines, hours of toil to compose thoughtful posts — and all America wants is a Barack Obama beefcake pec-tacular. All right then, I won’t stand in the way of love. Drink it in. A man-boobs alert has been issued by the boss and Althouse, but I say let he who is without love handles cast the first stone. And don’t underestimate his strength: If German media reports are accurate, he’s capable of curling 70 lbs. Judging by that photo, I’d have guessed that was half his body weight.

Clearly, our incoming president is the leader of “the American League of Justice Dispensed Shirtlessly”, to borrow a Lileksian riff.

In an update to Allah’s post, Ed Morrissey adds:

I’m glad AP decided to post this instead of me. I’m above posting phrases like Obama six-pack, Obama shirtless, and especially Obama topless in a vain effort to get Google traffic. You’ll never see that from me. No sir-ee.

Seriously, though … wouldn’t you think that people have better things to do two days before Christmas? Thankfully, no.

Ed was kind enough to link to us on Tuesday morning, shortly before I hopped on a cross-country flight from the relatively mild climate of San Jose into bitter wintry, hail-strewn Philadelphia, the latter city yet another victim of global warming at its worst.