Their Satanic Majesty's Request

> Will Bush-bashing End?” href=””>Ron Radosh notes that much of the country have confused politics and religion:


If you consider Obama the closest man can get to God, you are probably among those who think that George W. Bush is the closest man can get to being the devil. As Canadian journalist Robert Fulford writes in The National Post, “liberal Americans who see the Republicans as the party of the devil have enjoyed eight years of intense self-righteousness.” These are about to end, thankfully.

Actually, (and it’s safe to say that Radosh would agree with this), if you literally think either man is the closest one can get to God or the devil, you’re insane.

Radosh adds, “As Obama takes over our nation’s helm, hopefully more reasoned opinion will prevail on the question of George W. Bush’s legacy as President”, adding some thoughts on how history will view Bush. That’s a topic that’s also being explored by David Frum and Victor Davis Hanson this weekend. It’s safe to say that history in toto will likely be much kinder to Bush than the cartoon caricature that’s been created by the media, academia, and the left (sorry for the redundancy), once the 2004 election year and the media’s coverage of Katrina the following year allowed the festering emotions on the left to burst, to borrow Charles Krauthammer’s metaphor.


Though as with President Nixon, numerous leftwing historians will have to continue to justify the staggering amount of hatred they’ve invested in the man for ideological reasons, especially since, as was the case with Nixon, Bush’s policies weren’t all that different from his immediate predecessor.



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