Mirror, Mirror

How would we have viewed the last four years if they had been under President Kerry? Found via Betsy Newmark, that’s the topic that David W. Rohde of The New Republic explores.


Betsy adds:

He goes on the theorize that the Democrats wouldn’t have done as well in the 2006 congressional elections without the spur of the anti-Bush vote. And then the financial collapse would have occurred on a President Kerry’s watch. He doesn’t mention, but we could add in that Kerry would never have supported General Petraeus’s strategic changes in Iraq and so would have presided over a humiliating retreat for the United States in the Middle East. And I would also add in that it’s hard to imagine a President Kerry endearing himself to the American people after four years of seeing his lugubrious, yet pompous demeanor for four years.

And of course, Hurricane Katrina, the cudgel that the media used to break the back of the Bush Administration in 2005 and during the midterms of 2006 wouldn’t have been deployed by the media against their own man.

So where does the GOP go from here? PJTV explores Conservatism 2.0 later today.


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