"They're Boycotting Sundance? Sweet!"

I actually meant to post something along similar lines earlier today, but Incoherant Ramblings beat me to it–and the quote is surrounded by lots of great looking photos of its hostess instead of our usual blue Trilby and minimalism:


I wouldn’t really mind the outcome of all this under normal circumstances really. If gay marriage became a reality in all 50 states, I would have gone on with my life. But I hope the backlash felt from all of these inane boycotts hits these protesters bad. Somebody needs to point out that there is a better way, and this will eventually wear thin on the voting populace who looks at these people as sore losers.

What’s next? “Hey, here’s a brilliant idea. Let’s Boycott Sundance! Because it’s in the state of Utah, LDS headquarters are in Utah, so it will affect those EVIL Mormons!”

Meanwhile, a lot of Utah Mormons are thinking “they’re boycotting Sundance? Sweet! Maybe Robert Redford will take it somewhere else from now on.”

I’d like to think I’m not the only person who flashed back to the reaction of numerous airline customers when the “flying Imams” threatened not to patronize US Airways when reading this latest call for a boycott.



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