Ed Driscoll

Iron Mike Is Back!

Kathy Shaidle writes, “I’m not a big Sean Hannity fan but… “:

He is spanking stupid old Mike Dukakis right now.

Dukakis came on acting like a tough guy — I must say, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen somebody try to swagger while sitting in a chair — and ended up fumbling and mumbling when Hannity asked him to name some of Barack Obama’s specific accomplishments.

Dukakis got so agitated his ear piece fell out, and he was reduced to parroting (just as vague) answers that Alan Colmes was shamelessly feeding him.

It’s obvious that Dukakis spent all day, maybe all week, practising a tough guy act for this appearance: “Ha, not only would I kick my wife’s rapist’s ass, I’d do it IN A TANK!”

After less than five minutes, Hannity had him squirming, smirking and choking.



Watch the Massachusetts Miracle man right here: