Ed Driscoll

Wikipedia Keeps Rockin'!

In that Orwellian L.A. Times sense of the word, of course.

Last night, when I was wading through background material about John Edwards for my interview today with Mickey Kaus for this week’s PJM Political on XM Satellite Radio, I noticed something odd about Edwards’ Wikipedia profile–there’s no mention of a rather high-profile scandal that’s orbiting directly above him, which seems pretty odd; Wikipedia pages are rather notorious for often being the first to be updated when news or a scandal breaks. And they definitely have news of Bob Novak’s health scare, which broke earlier today. And today, instead of silence, there’s this at the top of Edwards’ profile there.

So why the Edwards embargo?

(Oh–did I mention I’m interviewing Kaus on Edwards this week? Tune in here on Wednesday; it will be more informative than this interview, I assure you.)