Ed Driscoll

It's Not The Years, It's The Mileage

I’ve been meaning to link to this all week–on Tuesday’s edition of Breitbart TV’s B-Cast live Internet news show, hosts Scott Baker and Liz Stephans ran the recent Top Ten Hillary Clinton Moments edition of my Silicon Graffiti video podcast series to close out the show. Skip ahead to the 82:00 minute mark to check out their set-up.

After my video ran, Liz Stephans made a great observation: note the contrast in Hillary’s tone in the first two clips. Number ten on the list begins with Hillary’s introductory campaign video on YouTube, with featured a beautifully lit set, a perfectly coifed and made-up Hillary, and her crisp, regal, I’ve got this election in the bag, and we all know it delivery.

The clip in number nine was shot on the campaign stump almost a year and a half later, and features a very different Hillary, shouting until hoarse and thrashing frantically into the wind. That’s all you need to know about the Tuzla-sized gap between her initial expectations and results so far.