Ed Driscoll

Network TV's Unceasing Commitment To Ideological Diversity

John Stossel says that he’s the lone libertarian on the big three networks’ news programs. Which puts ABC one up on CBS, where one year before RatherGate hit the fan, Lesley Stahl couldn’t name a single conservative at the Tiffany Network in an interview with Cal Thomas.

Speaking of RatherGate, last year, Roger Ailes said, “The greatest danger to journalism is a newsroom or a profession where everyone thinks alike. Because then one wrong turn can cause an entire news division to implode”. Which may go far to explain a decade of scandals and convulsions most of the television and print news agencies have undergone since 9/11, since they lack the ideological diversity to properly cover the War On Terror and its myriad related facets.

Update: I don’t think Leslie would be able to namecheck all that many conservatives in CBS’s entertainment division if she ever has to give a follow-up interview.