Ed Driscoll

The Red Hot Chili Pipers!

Back in early 2006, Australia’s John Birmingham profiled Tim Blair, amongst others, in his look at conservative comedy:

Blair, the closest antipodean analogue of O’Rourke, is a declared political warrior, with no interest in fairness, unlike traditional satirists such as Patrick Cook or Mike Carlton who are even-handed in their choice of targets. A Blair column is predictable insofar as you know who is going to get whacked – exactly the same people who took a beating in that morning’s Miranda Devine op-ed piece. But unlike Devine, Blair consistently rewards attention with little hash cookies of humour such as his obsession with AC/DC’s bagpipe player. Does he tour? Does he have groupies? Are they called bag ladies?

He does indeed tour–and gets down with his bad, Utilikilted self!

(Get well soon, Tim!)