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Greg Gutfeld on Robert Redford:

Robert Redford has a new movie out called Lions for Lambs, and get this: it’s a political movie critical of America – and according to the New York Times, this really brave director is bracing for a backlash.

From whom? His friends? Hollywood? The media? Snowboarders? A pride of unicorns? The other members of the Hair Club? Give me a break. The only time Redford would ever experience a backlash is if he made The Milagro Beanfield War Two: Now With More Beans. Or, if he actually said something positive about America’s role in the world. Don’t hold your breath.

So what’s Redford’s beef with the US? According to the Times, he says it’s our “patterns of behavior.” When you look at Watergate, Iran-Contra and now Iraq, it’s “the same sensibility: winning is everything.” And trying to win is wrong.

Well, unless you run a film festival. Redford hates winning, but he awards trophies to directors who enter his festival to win those trophies. Isn’t it strange that in order to win such awards, you have to make movies that deride the idea of winning? If you want to win a war, you’re evil. But if you want to win an award for a stupid film, you’re good.

But at least someone from the Hollywood left is being honest: their careers benefit from America losing, and nothing angers them more our victory. This is why Redford made no mention of anything good America has done – like say, ridding the world of Hitler and ending the Cold War. But I’m sure he can find something wrong in that too.

So what does all this hate do to you? Well, Redford is now 71 years old, and he looks like a cross between an old baseball mitt and a dried apple refrigerator magnet. The ultimate consequence of wishing America bad? You lose your looks.

Botox, plastic surgery and better medical technology merely cause Orwell’s maxim to be pushed back a couple of decades: By 70, everybody has the face he deserves.

(Via Libertas.)