Ed Driscoll

Paddy Chayefsky Goes Through The Looking Glass

As Mickey Kaus writes, “Nobody Covers the News Like Telemundo!”

This may be a first: If you watch the third local news video linked on this LAT page** (“Mirthala Salinas reports Villaraigosa’s separation”) you’ll see the news of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s separation from his wife announced last month on Telemundo by the reporter/anchorwoman with whom he has been having an affair.

And having accomplished this first, Telemundo seems determined to quickly throw it all away:

Telemundo finally has someone everybody wants to see! So of course they … take her off the air. Estupido MSM. … What’s wrong with an hour Mirthala Salinas special? They could add bilingual subtitles for the millions of new Telemundo viewers. … But no. They’d rather please Howie Kurtz. (Or maybe it’s a respectability play: “See! We’re as much of a doomed hidebound media organization as all the doomed hidebound English-language media organizations!”)

My money’s on the latter.