Command Center For The Assault On Reason

The paperless office? It’s certainly not Al Gore’s, which is overflowing with dead tree publications. As Ann Althouse wrote recently:

I keep reading about how hybrid cars and compact fluorescent lightbulbs can reduce the production of greenhouse gases, but I have yet to see an article about the savings that could be achieved if we were to stop delivery of newspapers and magazines and do all of our news reading on line.

For example, The New Republic has a nice “Good Citizen’s Guide to Reducing Global Warming” — PDF — but they never say you really ought to cancel your subscription to the physical magazine The New Republic and read on line. You should still pay them for full access on-line, and you should buy TimesSelect for the NYT, but isn’t it shameful to have this whole stack of newsprint delivered every day?


It should be especially shameful for the Goracle. And note the three big screen LCD monitors. As Rush Limbaugh quips, “The only people who need three 30-inch monitors turned on at the same time are people like me, radio hosts, stockbrokers, and the men and women at the CIA’s op center”. (Plus the additional 30-inch LCD TV set in the right of the shot.)

Hey, I think everyone has the right to as many monitors on their desktops as they want. But then, I’m not the Elmer Gantry of environmentalism. If Gore weren’t worshiped by well over two-thirds of Beltway journalists, they’d crucify him over the disparity between what he preaches, and the way he lives. But much like the typical Hollywood celebrity, he’s golden.


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