Ed Driscoll

Lemon Floats And Aviation Cocktails

Steve Green of VodkaPundit has–appropriately enough–a new cocktail on his site today:

Freely adapted from Joe’s Lemon Drop, available at Plate World Cuisine in Colorado Springs. Joe is a damn fine bartender, but my version is prettier — Melissa made me practice making it. A lot. Sure, it’s a girly drink, but it’s also a great way to get my wife to drink something with a high proof.

Follow the link for the recipe. A similar drink that combines pretty aesthetics with a velvet punch would the Aviation cocktail, one of the few gin-based drinks my wife enjoys. (Its name dates back to the golden age of commercial flying, but its nom de booze also describes the effect that a couple of these will have on the imbiber.)

Astonishingly, they have it on the menu at the Olives Restaurant in the Bellagio in Vegas–and they make a pretty darn good version of it. Though anyone can, if you can find a bottle of maraschino liqueur. Apparently, in the late 1990s it was fairly scarce according to the late, lamented Hotwired “Cocktail” Website, but I believe it’s now readily available at Beverages & More, and presumably, other well-stocked liquor stores.

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