Ed Driscoll

Knut Age Mystical Rituals

Douglas Kern checks in with The “It” Bear Of The American Right and those who attempted to send him off to the great 100 Acre Wood In The Sky:

The real motivations for snuffing Knut have more to do with the ideological predilections of his would-be assassins than with any harm that Knut may suffer or inflict. Says Knut-knocker Ruediger Schmiedel: “They [the zoo] cannot domesticate a wild animal.” The real problem for these people isn’t the wild animal; it’s the domestication. Isn’t it odd that the same people who want to leave cuddly Knut to the tender ministrations of “nature” reject out of hand the possibility that “nature” plays any role in the domestication of the baby humans? How strange, that those who embrace natural law so energetically for animals reject it so completely for humans.

Nahh–religious rituals almost always seem strange and mystical to outsiders.

Update: New age and traditional religions attempt potentially risky interfaith communication.