Ed Driscoll

The Home Of The Future Ain't What It Used To Be

During the late-1990s, as the new millennium was approaching and pre-Blogosphere, I was largely toiling away for various home automation magazines (something I still do quite often, actually), where I wrote my share of “Welcome To The Home Of The Future!” articles. Here’s one that featured quotes from my interview of Star Trek veteran David Gerrold, and is a representative (though heavily edited, as I recall) sample of the genre.

But my sci-fi forecasting had nothing on the Minneapolis Strib’s apocalyptic vision of the future domus. Roger L. Simon writes that many of us are having the same reaction from Al Gore’s low budget PowerPoint presentation agitpropumentary Academy Award-winnning blockbuster film:

After viewing the movie I was less troubled with the global warming issue and more troubled by Gore’s narcissism – not exactly the result intended. In fact, the reverse. And evidently, from the poll results, I am not alone.

Oh yeah? Well, heed the Goracle now maaaan, or pay up in the future!

Seventy degrees on Sunday. Insert obvious, thin, miserably tired global warming reference, and subsequent predictable embrace of same if it means shirt sleeves in March, here.