The L.A. Times Takes A Ba'ath

Betsy Newmark writes:

Jonathan Chait, who first came to many people’s attention by writing about all the ways he hated George W. Bush, now comes out in the Los Angeles Times with the argument that Iraq is such a mess right now that we should just bring back Saddam Hussein and have him impose order. Sure, he’s a murderous dictator and all, but he’d know how to stop all the killing in Iraq.


It’s usually a safe bet that the Times of both coasts will back The Man With The Mustache.

Update: Related thoughts here and here, found via The Anchoress.

Another Update: Orrin Judd retorts, “White South Africa was safer too“, but I’m not sure if that would phase the L.A. Times all that much. This is a paper which only last year was singing the praises of North Korea, after all.


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