Is The Ultimate RINO Running For The White House?

George Will writes that liberal Republican-In-Name Only Mike Bloomberg may be seriously considering running for the White House, and has a track record that might warrant consideration:


The unemployment rate (4.1 percent) is the lowest on record, and the city’s credit rating is at the highest level ever. With crime down 20 percent since Bloomberg took office — after a 57 percent reduction during the Giuliani years — the FBI rates this as the nation’s safest large city, which is one reason for the sharp increase in applications to Columbia University and New York University. Welfare caseloads, which numbered 1.1 million a decade ago, are fewer than 400,000. In 2005, the percentage of high school students graduating on time was the highest since the city began keeping that statistic in 1986. Bloomberg credits his crusade against smoking with the decline in heart attacks that has helped make the life expectancy of city residents higher than that of the rest of the nation.

But why would voters pick Mike when they can choose the man who actually did revitalize Manhattan?


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