Ed Driscoll

National (Football League) Socialism Watch

As the Beautiful Attrocities blog noted last year, “In the future, everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes”.

Including the second year coach of a struggling NFL franchise:

Jets running back Kevan Barlow apologized to 49ers coach Mike Nolan for comparing him to Adolf Hitler in a newspaper interview.

Barlow, who was traded from San Francisco to New York on Sunday for a fourth-round pick, made his inflammatory comments to the Contra Costa Times in Wednesday’s editions. Jets coach Eric Mangini said Wednesday he has spoken with Barlow, and the player is sorry for what he said.

“I thought his comments were inappropriate,” Mangini said. “After he said it, he wished he could have those words back. But he can’t. Kevan has already called coach Nolan to talk to him about that, which I think is important.”

Barlow was upset with the trade, mainly because Nolan assured him he wouldn’t be dealt. He told the newspaper Nolan was a “first-time head coach with too much power.”

“He walks around with a chip on his shoulder, like he’s a dictator, like he’s Hitler,” Barlow told the paper. “People are scared of him. If it ain’t Nolan’s way, it’s the highway.”

After making the comments, Barlow called back to say he didn’t mean to make the comparison, blaming his outburst on his emotions.

“I was kind of harsh on him, saying he’s a dictator. That’s bad. Saddam Hussein is a dictator,” Barlow said. “I was speaking on emotion.”

Gee, you think? Of course, Barlow’s far from the only person these days to equate someone whose authority he doesn’t respect with the very definition of absolute evil.