Ed Driscoll

Partying Like It's 1939, Revisited

Back in February, I quoted Tom Wolfe from 25 years ago on the press assuming “the moral tone of a Victorian gentleman“. I wrote:

It may be that one of the reasons why the press hates the Blogosphere is not just that they’ve lost control over the flow of information, but that they’ve also lost control over the tone of public discourse.

* * *

To easily see the Victorian Gentlemanly style in action, pick up a copy of a paper like the San Francisco Chronicle. (Or scroll through their Website of course, but it’s even more obvious “on dead tree”.) Read their coverage, of say, the protests outside the gates of San Quentin during Tookie Williams’ execution. Then peruse the photos of the same event at Zombietime.

Get a load of the photos Zombie shot today of the “Stop the US-Israeli War Rally” in San Francisco. Charles Johnson writes:

Zombie documents the insanity in San Francisco.