Ed Driscoll

CNN: More News We Kept To Ourselves

Betsy Newmark writes:

A few years after having admitted that CNN let Saddam Hussein have control over their reports from Iraq, they now admit that they let Hezbollah have control over Nic Robertson’s piece on how civilians, not Hezbollah were being harmed by Israel’s attacks.

Read the whole thing. As Betsy writes:

I predict that Nic Robertson will not suffer at all professionally for such a violation of journalistic ethics. He’ll keep reporting away and then come back and bask in his reputation of reporting from a war zone. But, remember, every time you see him on CNN there should be a little blurb beneath his picture: “Spokesman for Hezbollah propaganda.”

I doubt Betsy’s holding her breath waiting for that happen, of course. While CNN takes it in the shorts in the US ratings from Fox News (or “the F-Word Network”, as CNN’s Jack Cafferty once dubbed it on air), what other repercussions have they suffered for letting Saddam Hussein dictate their news for so long?