Ed Driscoll

"All The Times That's Fit To Sell"

On CNN/Money’s Website, media analyst Paul R. La Monica suggests that it wedding bells may be in order for the Gray Lady, if she wants to survive:

Some day, hopefully sooner rather than later for New York Times investors, the controlling shareholders will figure out that it would be better off swallowing family pride and selling out.

And karmic justice and I know who the appropriate suitor would be!

(Yes, he already owns one New York City newspaper. If he added the Times to his Gotham stable, which paper would he chose to fold? Now that would be a fun decision to have to make. But either way, it’s a win for New York!)

Update: Hey, a Wonkette-lanchette! For those of you clicking through, I hope you’re not as satirically challenged as the writer of this post seems to have been.

Incidentally, here’s someone else who’s proposing a suitor for the Times. There’s a very, very slight chance he’s kidding as well.