Ed Driscoll

And Speaking Of The Long Tail

Glenn Reynolds has a great post on mil-bloggers and their efforts in short-circuiting the legacy media’s role in (inadvertently and otherwise) aiding terrorism:

Reader Michael Russo notes why this matters:

Reader Michael Russo notes why this matters:

Notice strategy number one for Al Qaeda based on the Zarquawi safe house documents:

“1. To improve the image of the resistance in society, increase the number of supporters who are refusing occupation and show the clash of interest between society and the occupation and its collaborators. To use the media for spreading an effective and creative image of the resistance.”

Interesting that leveraging the western media before all else is (and presumably has been) Al Qaeda’s top strategy. And s***ty how many people have bit hook line and sinker. I bet this will be head line news… or not.

Terrorism is an information war disguised as a military operation. The press plays a symbiotic role, and isn’t willing to address that.

Just ask CNN.