Ed Driscoll

Podcasting Through The Blogosphere

Three really interesting podcasts went online over the past couple of days:

Gerard Vanderleun of Pajamas has an interview with Mary Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dicky Cheney, on her role in the 2000 and 2004 elections. She was also on Hugh Hewitt’s show yesterday (Radio Blogger has clips and a transcription), and is a great interviewee.

Glenn and Helen Reynolds interview James Lileks and Cathy Seipp on parenting then and now. (I interviewed James in the fall of last year; which makes for fun simul-reading while The Glenn & Helen Show runs.)

And finally, Michelle Malkin has a slickly produced video podcast documenting with chromakeyed photos BDS amongst the fashionistas, from Marc Jacobs’ San Francisco storefront, to Johnny Depp’s Che necklace on the cover of Rolling Stone. Then there’s the Arafat-style kaffiyeh that Howard Dean was once spotted wearing on the 2004 presidential campaign trail. As Michelle mentions, the radical chic of thse fashion accessories unknowingly–or worse, knowingly–ties their wearers in with the very people who would put fashion models in burkas, and do far worse to someone openly gay such as Jacobs.

Just to tie it all together (though not with a kaffiyeh), as Cathy Seipp once said: