Ed Driscoll

The Podcast That Whacked New Jersey

As I mentioned last week, I thought that Steven Malanga’s article, “The Mob That Whacked Jersey“, on the Garden State’s run-away tax and spend fever was a surprisingly universal cautionary tale. It does a terrific job describing what can happen when a state loses its bearings and fiscal discipline, and it’s remarkably timely, as April 17 looms ever closer. And it builds on the material in his recent book, The New New Left: How American Politics Works Today.

I had a great interview with Steve on Tuesday, and after a little editing, it’s become our latest podcast.

(No iPod required of course; virtually any PC media player will play an MP3 file. And yes, it’s entirely coincidental that our first two podcasts are with guys named Steve. We’ll do everything we can to break this cycle with the next one…)