Coming Soon To The New York Times: Ali bin-Zabar!

In his Spenglerian magnum-opus “It’s the Demography, Stupid” essay last month, Mark Steyn wrote:

This ought to be the left’s issue. I’m a conservative–I’m not entirely on board with the Islamist program when it comes to beheading sodomites and so on, but I agree Britney Spears dresses like a slut: I’m with Mullah Omar on that one. Why then, if your big thing is feminism or abortion or gay marriage, are you so certain that the cult of tolerance will prevail once the biggest demographic in your society is cheerfully intolerant? Who, after all, are going to be the first victims of the West’s collapsed birthrates? Even if one were to take the optimistic view that Europe will be able to resist the creeping imposition of Sharia currently engulfing Nigeria, it remains the case that the Muslim world is not notable for setting much store by “a woman’s right to choose,” in any sense.


The left’s embrace of Islamofascism is, at least on the surface, little different than their reactionary embrace of the Soviet Union in the 1970s: it’s the old “The Enemy Of my Enemy Is My Friend” meme, but starring the Alec Guinness of Lawrence of Arabia, rather than the Alec Guinness of Dr. Zhivago. (I was going to say Omar Sharif, but he’s too much of a good guy in both movies.)

In the New York Observer, Bruce Feinstein takes the moral equivalency it to its natural conclusion: meet the New York Times’ new Ombudsmullah: Ali bin-Zabar!

His first headline will undoubtedly be:

Is The New York Times A Sharia Newspaper?

Of Course It Is

(Via Power Line.)


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