Ed Driscoll


This seems to be the day to define terms–and maybe invent a few along the way. No Speed Bumps and VodkaPundit are debating what is a conservative, liberal and leftist, treating the Professor like a Stretch Armstrong doll along the way.

Meanwhile, in the inventing new hyphenated categories department, the Wall Street Journal reviews Rod Dreher’s new Crunchy Cons book, and at the other end of the scale, Mark Gauvreau Judge and Architecture and Morality debate what it means to be a Metrocon.

That last category would sound somewhat appealing–if it wasn’t a contracted hyphenation that included the clapped-out “Metrosexual” label, and that fact that it sounds too much like the guys who captured Capt. Kirk and made him fight the seven-foot tall stuntman in the green lizard suit.

But other than that