Ed Driscoll

"Time For The Long Pants"

Baldilocks is angry. You’ll like her when she’s angry.

Found via Pajamas Media, which notes:

Breathless media suggestions, such as one by NBC 4, that Los Angeles and California officials had a “credible” reason to prepare for riots if Stanley Tookie Williams was executed fizzled fast, raising a question among bloggers as to why journalists kept suggesting riots were any more possible than, say, an anti-crime rally.
Because it’s an otherwise a slow news period and L.A. stations were hoping for some really juicy visuals to liven up the ratings?

Update: Speaking of visuals, Zombietime (who’s seemingly everywhere in the Bay Area) infiltrated the mob scene outside San Quentin. “Before arriving at San Quentin”, Zombie writes, “I had been under the naive impression that the crowd in front would be evenly split between anti-death penalty protesters and pro-death penalty protesters. I was sorely mistaken. I quickly learned that the crowd was 99% anti-death penalty. And a substantial proportion of them were avowed socialists, since several radical groups showed up en masse.”

To be fair, the local Bay Area TV news definitely let their viewers know that everybody they interviewed was anti-death penalty. But as Zombie also notes, any mention of the crowd’s radical politics was sanitized for the protection of the delicate viewers at home.