Ed Driscoll

Beyond The Rope-A-Dope

Kevin Aylward of Wizbang writes:

If the new Supreme Count nominee is announced Monday the Plame case will quickly be drained of any energy is still left after this weekends talk shows.

When the new nominee is announced the left is sure to raise a fuss. Assuming the Bush follows through on his campaign pledge to nominate a justice in the mold of Scalia and Thomas the right and the punditocracy will quickly engage as the did with Chief Justice Roberts nomination. In that case President Bush’s poll numbers are sure to head upward as a energized base prepares for a confirmation battle of historic proportions. The reason Bush’s poll numbers are so low now is that the Miers nomination has temporarily turned off a lot people who voted for Bush.

Turning all of the negatives of last week around is well within the reach of the White House. It all starts with the Supreme Court nominee…

As for Iraq, in case you’ve forgotten, we already won that war…

We’ve long won the war on the ground–but the real front in the battle is against the American media. And Victor Davis Hanson, not surprisingly, has some thoughts on how to break that quagmire:

In the last six months we have heard from various demagogues