Ed Driscoll

"Driving Miss Arianna"

Michelle Malkin looks at the The HuffMobile, Arianna Huffington and the Sierra Club’s wheels of choice.

Read the whole thing, which reminds me of what I wrote about an ABC television season premiere at Disneyland a couple of years ago around this time:

In order to ferry the celebrities from L.A. to Anaheim, ABC employed an enormous fleet of stretch limos. I don’t think I had ever seen more black automobiles this side of Don Corleone’s funeral.

Lots of those limos were actually luxury black SUVs–and not an electric hybrid in sight! (Imagine that!) Next time a celebrity starts complaining about your Chevy Suburban or Toyota Land Cruiser, just remember how this person probably gets around–and smile at his Disneyland-sized hypocrisy.