Ed Driscoll

Life Imitates "Armavirumque"

Back in March, we linked to a post by Stefan Beck on the New Criterion’s Weblog, who argued that the far left cant of the academy is actually hurting its liberal students–and benefiting campus conservatives:

As I’ve written before on this blog, the predominance of these blue-state academics on campus is a problem–but hardly for conservatives. It is a problem for liberal students. These poor specimens must often retreat like turtles from debate, because they know nothing of conservative positions–except from their professors’ testimonials, which rely on dilution or caricature. Meanwhile, conservatives are given every opportunity to “know the enemy,” and they can test and strengthen their own opinions in the process. They ought to be thanking their instructors for providing a daily object-lesson in enemy S.O.P.

Ann Coulter agrees, by way of telling Fox’s Hannity & Colmes that the questions (actually more like disguised heckles) she received recently when speaking at schools such as the University of St. Thomas and St. Olaf College were, as she put it, “stunningly bad”:

I think there really is a problem on college campuses and if you want liberalism to continue in this country