Ed Driscoll

Lileks on McCain

In his latest Newhouse column, James Lileks writes that conservative base of the Republican party will never forgive Sen. John McCain:

Oh, they don’t hate him; he has that brash, squinty charm that makes him stand out among the dull lumps of coal heaped in the bin of the Senate. His war record earns respect and gratitude — so much, in fact, that his detractors feel compelled to wait three or four seconds before rolling out the big, throbbing BUT that invariably precedes discussion of what they really think of McCain nowadays.

He got a pass on campaign reform, aka the George Soros Empowerment Act, since you can’t really slam him for something that Dubya inked into law. But siding with the Democrats against reforming Senate rules to allow a vote for the president’s judicial nominees? Unforgivable.

The ending of Lileks’ piece is very much a two-edged sword, however.

For some thoughts on where the GOP as a whole stands, check out Richard Baehr’s latest essay over at The American Thinker, found via Betsy Newmark.