Ed Driscoll

"Lonsdale Youth"

Hugh Hewitt links to a disturbing London Times piece about “Lonsdale Youth“:

Lonsdale, the British sportswear label made famous by boxers and Eighties pop stars, faces creeping bans across the Netherlands because racist gangs have taken to wearing the brand.

Nightclubs and bars are refusing entry to people wearing the label, it is forbidden in some schools and a town in the south of the country is proposing a blanket ban after a series of race-hate crimes.

In the past week, a Muslim primary school in the town of Uden was subjected to its second arson attack. Witnesses said that teenagers involved were wearing Lonsdale tops. Civic leaders have announced plans to ban the label in the town.

The first attack came after the murder of Theo van Gogh, the film-maker and critic of Islam, last November, a killing that inflamed racial tensions and fuelled the growth of neo-Nazi gangs hunting for Islamic targets.

Last Sunday, a group of youths smashed windows at a mosque in the town of Venray, sparking riots between 20 Dutch youths and 60 Turkish immigrants that left one man in hospital. The Government responded by starting an investigation into the rise of organised right-wing extremism.

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