Ed Driscoll

CNNi: Born From Original Sin

Last week, I quoted Roger Ailes of Fox News talking about CNN International, one of CNN’s many spin-off channels:

Well, the best way to get distribution around the world is to be the BBC or Al Jazeera or CNNi, basically do — if you watch it day in and day out, you can’t find a whole lot good about America. Now, they have no obligation to do good stories about America, but they do have an obligation to have balance and context. And Al Jazeera simply doesn’t. BBC doesn’t. And CNNi is less offensive, but they don’t do it much, either. And I think that context is critically important to the news.

Maybe one of the reasons why CNNi reports little good news about America is because it’s trying to continue to appeal to the man whom Eason Jordan credited in 1999 as being its inspiration.

Update: Geez, talk about radical chic: between Castro, Saddam and now this fellow, Eason’s apparently never met a dictator he didn’t like.