Stimulus And Response

On Monday, Tech Central Station posted my top ten list of Blogosphere moments of 2004: “The Year of Blogging Dangerously

Today, Hugh Hewitt looks at the toll the Blogosphere has taken on the legacy media: “A Unified Theory of the Old Media Collapse“.


Incidentally, because I know the “don’t get too carried away with yourself” comments are coming for both articles, it’s probably worth noting that what Hugh is mostly referring to is opinion. I don’t think he expects–or even wants–reportage by the MSM to vanish anytime soon. The infrastructure is too entrenched, and often, most recently in the case of the Christmas earthquake and Tsunami, extremely beneficial. While Bloggers do report on and break news stories with increasing frequency, they can’t do what a wire service, TV network, or big city newspaper can do: airdrop a hundred reporters simultaneously to cover a story from a multitude of angles.

But typically, those same wire services, TV networks and newspapers offer only one angle when it comes to opinion, and increasingly, try to blur reportage and political opinion.

And that’s where the counterforce of the Blogosphere can play its most important role.

Update: Jonathan Last, Hugh’s editor at The Weekly Standard has some thoughts on his own blog.


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