Ed Driscoll

Quote of the Day

Michael Graham, the author of the very funny (and very serious) Redneck Nation, is in great form today:

Listening to John Kerry complain about the scrutiny his Vietnam record is getting is like Pamela Anderson complaining about the fact that guys keep staring at her breasts. What the hell did you expect?

David Letterman should pay Graham royalties–that’s a great bit of comedy.

There’s more:

When you turn the Democratic National Convention into a four-day screening of Apocalypse Now–complete with the candidate’s own home movies; when you stride to the podium with a crisp salute and a “reporting for duty”; when your political entourage has more military uniforms in it than the coatroom of a Subic Bay bordello; in short, when you base much of your campaign for president on two tours of duty in ‘Nam–you, sir, have no right to complain that your opponents are too obsessed with the past.

If there were ever a candidate who is getting exactly the campaign treatment he deserves, that man is John F. Kerry.

What I, a former GOP political flak and campaign lackey, can’t figure out is what genius in the Democratic Party looked at John Kerry and said, “Yeah, Vietnam–that’s the ticket!” Why not get Scott Peterson to run for attorney general as the pro-life candidate?

There are people in American public life for whom Vietnam would be a worse campaign issue than it is for John Kerry. Jane Fonda, former members of the Kent State National Guard, Lt. William Calley of My Lai…

That’s about it.

No it isn’t–click over and read the rest.

(Via Power Line.)