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WELL NOW WE KNOW: Yesterday,

WELL NOW WE KNOW: Yesterday, I wrote:

At what point do we start coming up for names for what the left is doing now? To paraphrase President Clinton, it’s not a conspiracy; it’s right out in the open: the constant hammering of President Bush by the press (who ignore their own reporting on Iraq during the Clinton years), the outbursts in the Senate by disgruntled leftwingers like Ted Kennedy, Tom Harkin, and Frank Lautenberg; Michael Moore’s film and now this…[This being the backing of Fahrenheit 911 by the chairman of the DNC and other high ranking Democrats.]


Today, this was a headline on Reuters.com:

Bush Camp Hits Democrats’ ‘Coalition of Wild-Eyed’
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Bush’s re-election campaign lumped together vocal outbursts by Democrats Al Gore, Howard Dean and others on Thursday and called them part of John Kerry’s “Coalition of the Wild-Eyed.”
The Bush-Cheney campaign released a video on its Web Site that played up some of the more strident statements Democrats have made on the campaign trail and declared: “This is not a time for pessimism and rage.”

The implication the Bush campaign appeared to be trying to leave was that some of the main boosters of Kerry’s presidential campaign are filled with rage and perhaps a bit kooky.

“Today, our campaign is releasing a web video to 6 million of our supporters to show them what we’re up against and what we’re up against is John Kerry’s ‘coalition of the wild-eyed,”‘ said Bush campaign manager Ken Melhman.


Read the rest of the Reuters piece. Finally, Bush is getting the mainstream media to report on the Democrats’ shenanigans, by highlighting them in his ads and press releases.

As Hugh Hewitt writes, “It stings because it is so true”. Hopefully more will follow.

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