Ed Driscoll


SPEAKING OF PERPETUAL ADOLESCENTS, “Like a three-year old throwing a tantrum at the toy store”, John Tuvey, senior editor of Fanball.com writes, “Terrell Owens finally got his way“, and is now a Philadelphia Eagle.

UPDATE: Peter King of Sports Illustrated writes:

Though I hate the way it went down — Baltimore was absolutely screwed for listening to the NFL Management Council tell it that San Francisco had a valid contract with Owens and was able to trade him anywhere it wished, meaning the Ravens lost out on every talented receiver in this year’s free-agent market — Owens probably has gone to the team that, with the possible exception of Dallas, could best handle him. [Philadelphis head coach Andy Reid], a mild-mannered, no-crisis guy, is the perfect coach to turn a cancerous player into a team player.

King says, “How Reid handles Owens will go a long way toward determining whether the Eagles will make it to their fourth straight NFC Championship Game this year. Or further”.