Ed Driscoll


HEY ANDY, DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THIS ONE? According to John McCaslin, Al Franken would do better as a pro wrestler, rather than as a comedian and peace-loving pacifist:

Former comedian and soon-to-be-launched liberal talk show host Al Franken, author of ‘Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right,’ reportedly threw a Howard Dean heckler to the ground at a political event in Manchester, N.H., yesterday, breaking the man’s eyeglasses in the process.

A witness tells Inside the Beltway that the heckler, a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, ‘would neither shut up or leave’ the Palace Theater.

So Mr. Franken, who admits in his book that he needs to lose ’40 pounds’ from his buttocks, morphed into a bouncer and ‘knocked the guy to the ground, breaking his glasses.’ “

The ghost of Andy Kaufman appears to be alive and well–and mad as hell.

UPDATE: The New York Post has more details, including the fact Franken grabbed the guy from behind. Jonah Goldberg has some thoughts on how the media would treat this story if it were Rush Limbaugh employing a similar move.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Almost a year ago, another Hollywood peace activist, Tim Robbins, threatened to “hurt” a Washington Post reporter when he published a story that Susan Sarandon’s Republican mother didn’t condone some of her wackier activities. Aren’t there more nuanced ways to deal with threats than violence? Shouldn’t we try to get to the root causes of why people disagree with us?