Ed Driscoll


THE POMO ENGLISH PAPER TITLE GENERATOR: Works with album and TV show titles, too!

Just plug in an author and title and get such academia-friendly report titles as:

“Erotics as Outrage: Unlocking Heteronormative Blackness
in George Orwell’s Animal Farm

“Xenophobia and Modernity in The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Processing Penile Complicity”

“Fragmented Monotheism and the Racism of Resistant
Borderlines in Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic

“Community as Identity: Producing Male Echolalia in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek

“Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti, and The Bourgeois: Testing Critical Flight”
Regarding that last title–I once reviewed a book for Blogcritics whose author must have employed this program throughout its creation.

(Link via The New Criterion’s Armavirumque” Weblog.)