Ed Driscoll

OUCH: Tell us what you

OUCH: Tell us what you really think about Gary Trudeau:

Trudeau’s political instincts are as unerring as ever. Whether harping on Schwarzenegger’s rowdy behavior, cheerleading Wesley ‘Help, Mary!’ Clark as an intellectual, or getting on the wrong side of every position relating to Iraq, Trudeau is a marvel of the thoughtless conservatism of today’s upscale liberal. He represents a faux bohemian class whose political niche appears more like a therapeutic echo chamber than an ideology. They have no solutions to offer, just more bitching.

Trudeau exacerbates the effect with strips that don’t read like a dialogue between two characters but like Trudeau talking to himself in a didactic lecture for the reader’s benefit. I doubt an example is necessary to anyone who has gotten through more than a week’s worth of his material. It’s an embarrassing habit moreso because Trudeau does not appear to realize that you can’t have a Socratic dialogue with yourself: that’s masturbation.

Fortunately, the Internet has allowed a few competitors to emerge