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DASCHLE: ‘This president [has] failed so miserably at diplomacy that we’re now forced to war…’

LIEBERMAN: ‘It’s time to come together and support our great American men and women in uniform and their commander-in-chief…

Speaking of great juxtapositions, check out this quote from the CNN article from the above link:

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle lashed out at President Bush on Monday, saying he had “failed so miserably” at diplomacy in the crisis with Iraq that the United States now stands on the brink of war.

“I’m saddened,” Daschle, D-South Dakota, said in a speech to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. “Saddened that this president failed so miserably at diplomacy that we’re now forced to war. Saddened that we have to give up one life because this president couldn’t create the kind of diplomatic effort that was so critical for our country. But we will work, and we will do all we can to get through this crisis like we’ve gotten through so many.”

In October, Congress passed a resolution authorizing the use of force, if necessary, against Iraq. Daschle was one of those who voted for it.

(Emphasis mine.) CNN reports that “Bush was scheduled to brief congressional leaders at the White House this evening, including Daschle, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Illinois, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tennessee and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Daschle and Pelosi chat.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg writes:

Um let’s be clear: If we had a diplomatic triumph at the UN, if Bush succeeded completely, we would still be going to war! We just would have the French and other UN members fighting with us. Does Daschle think that the only definition of diplomatic success is Saddam willingly disarming?

I’m very disappointed. Nay…saddened…by Tom’s response, especially at this time.