Ed Driscoll

UN-NATTY DREADS: The Washington Post

UN-NATTY DREADS: The Washington Post says, School Bans Dreadlocked Student. Whether you agree with the decision of the Whitefish Montana High School officials or not (they’re also banning mohawks, incidentally), I love this sentence:

“It’s not really my hair,” said 15-year-old Kisteesha Lanegan, who hasn’t been to school since the first day of class. “They’re trying to mold me into a person that I’m not. My hair is totally irrelevant to education at the school.”

Yes, they are trying to mold you into the person you’re not, Kisteesha. That’s the whole purpose of school, which both students and their teachers seem to be forgetting. James Bowman addresses a similar trend away from molding students in higher education, called “Be Yourself, Get Into College“.