Ed Driscoll


THE IMPERIAL ERA BEGINS. Tony Blankley says:

And thus, the imperial period of our history starts. Great empires usually are not formed intentionally. From Russia to Rome, dangers at their borders compelled them to take the next bit of land. And so on they continued, until they collapsed.

While we will not plant our flag on foreign lands, nor claim them for ourselves, we will insist on intruding and searching and managing. To do less would be criminal negligence on the part of our leaders. But in doing it we will be cursed, like the Flying Dutchman of legend, to wander the globe until the day of judgment.

I disagree only slightly. What Blankley describes as our “Imperial Period” began as a result of World War II. And while we’ve done a good job in some areas, we’ve dropped the ball in others.

Let’s hope we don’t fumble this time around.