Ed Driscoll


NOTHING LIKE A GOOD SHAVE: AP reports that “an airliner was diverted to Fort Smith on Wednesday because four passengers [all Middle Eastern men] behaved strangely on the flight, including at least three who locked themselves in a restroom, possibly shaving their body hair.”

Naturally (since they were so spot-on in L.A. during the Fourth of July), “Federal officials, speaking on a condition of anonymity, said the incident was not believed to be related to terrorism.”

However, KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, where Northwest Airlines is based, quoted an unidentified source as saying the men were “shaving themselves clean.” A source speaking on condition of anonymity told The Associated Press that people aboard the airplane gave investigators similar accounts.

After last year’s terror attacks, documents found in the luggage of attack leader Mohamed Atta gave what appeared to be instructions for the suicide hijackers: “The previous night, shave the extra hair from the body (and) pray.”

(Link spotted on Little Green Footballs.)

UPDATE: The Las Vegas Sun has a few more details.

MORE UPDATES, via the Houston Chronicle.

Meanwhile, a scuffle broke out on another flight.