Ed Driscoll


ELECTRIC CAR BURNS SUPER MODEL’S HOME: The New York Post’s Page Six says “Veronica Webb’s eco-friendly electric car turned into a fire-spewing death machine the other night, burning down her Key West house and killing her beloved dog, Hercules.” Here’s more:

Firefighters who rushed to the scene told Webb that good intentions often turn lovely homes into blazing death zones. “They said they see this kind of thing with electric cars all the time,” she says. “Electric cars and golf carts are always overloading their chargers and burning up, but no one knows about it.”

Among the hidden dangers, Webb says, were four hidden high-powered batteries. “There are four extra batteries that aren’t shown in the [owner’s manual] diagram. They need to be serviced but you can’t service them if you don’t even know that they’re there.”

Luckily, Webb was in New York shopping for baby furniture when the blaze erupted, but her new husband, Wall Streeter turned amateur archaeologist George Robb, was asleep in bed. He barely escaped with his life. “By the time the fire department showed up, they didn’t even go inside to look for survivors because they assumed that anyone left inside was long dead. They said George got out with 30 seconds to spare.”